[ubuntu-art] Getting involved

Baldur Blöndal baldurpet at gmail.com
Thu May 7 03:57:25 BST 2009

> <ubuntu-art at lists.ubuntu.com> > Whoa I have no idea how to reply here, I
> hope this works.
> >
> > Hi Cory,
> > no I used to work on some icons before but I don't have anything to show
> > for that I'm afraid since I deleted it all a long time ago, I mostly
> > draw now but I doubt that would be of any interest to you (my work is
> > not quite bad)
> >
> I don't get (that last part)

What last part didn't you get?

> > Of course you aren't going to accept work from just anybody and I should
> > have seen this coming- should I try making an icon or two, submit them
> > here and see what you guys think?
> That would be fine.

Ok, I have a final exam tomorrow but after that (and after buying my
girlfriend a birthday present which is more than 2 weeks overdue) I'll try
making an icon.

> If you like them then I'm glad to be
> > of any help but if you don't I'll leave it to you guys
> No need to be dramatic. ;)

Oh please, drama is a big part of the Internet.
But if I'd wanted to be really dramatic I would've said "if my sorry excuse
for 'art' is not to your liking masters I shall genuflect with my head
smashing the ground, and slowly creep away from your god-like visage and go
cry in the corner like an emotional teenager, O awesome ones"

And please keep the topics consistent. No need to change the topic that
> way. :) Or at least change it to something, Like "How do I get involved".
> ;)

I'm just trying to get the hang of this mailing-list thing. Even though I've
been on the Internet almost all my life I have only once or twice tried
posting in a mailing-list (my experience with computers didn't really start
until I tried messing around with) and every time I would cross my fingers
and pray to whatever god I believe in that it would work.

Don't know how you managed to do that but the subject is in reply to
> Ufuk but the message body is in reply to Baldur P?tursson Bl?ndal

I did what now?

Also I don't understand this, I only get the Digest which has all the posts
and replies but why don't I get posts from individuals.

E.g. Cory replied to my post before I got a new digest, how did you see my
post if you didn't see it in the digest? This thing creeps me out
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