[ubuntu-art] Regarding my icons and ignorance

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Thu May 7 02:08:11 BST 2009

Baldur Pétursson Blöndal wrote:
>>> Hello, I'm a bit of a newcomer although I've been reading this
>>> mailing-list for quite some time now
>>> I'm not completely sure how this works though (I'm not ever sure about
>>> using a mailing-list) so please be kind :) could anyone recommend an
>>> icon that I should do (in the Breathe set right)?
>>> Since it's my first time here I'd just like someone to tell me "draw
>>> this icon" and then do it. What program is best/do you use creating
>>> vector images? Inkscape?
>>> Sorry for the awkward post, I'm normally not like this but I want to be
>>> on the safe side on this.
>> Do you have a place that shows previous work?
> Whoa I have no idea how to reply here, I hope this works.
> Hi Cory,
> no I used to work on some icons before but I don't have anything to show
> for that I'm afraid since I deleted it all a long time ago, I mostly
> draw now but I doubt that would be of any interest to you (my work is
> not quite bad)

I don't get (that last part)

> Of course you aren't going to accept work from just anybody and I should
> have seen this coming- should I try making an icon or two, submit them
> here and see what you guys think?

That would be fine.

> If you like them then I'm glad to be
> of any help but if you don't I'll leave it to you guys

No need to be dramatic. ;)

And please keep the topics consistent. No need to change the topic that
way. :) Or at least change it to something, Like "How do I get involved". ;)

-Cory K.

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