[ubuntu-art] Reply to Cory

Baldur Pétursson Blöndal baldurpet at gmail.com
Thu May 7 01:56:16 BST 2009

> > Hello, I'm a bit of a newcomer although I've been reading this
> > mailing-list for quite some time now
> >
> > I'm not completely sure how this works though (I'm not ever sure about
> > using a mailing-list) so please be kind :) could anyone recommend an
> > icon that I should do (in the Breathe set right)?
> >
> > Since it's my first time here I'd just like someone to tell me "draw
> > this icon" and then do it. What program is best/do you use creating
> > vector images? Inkscape?
> >
> > Sorry for the awkward post, I'm normally not like this but I want to be
> > on the safe side on this.
> >   
> Do you have a place that shows previous work?
> -Cory K.

Whoa I have no idea how to reply here, I hope this works.

Hi Cory,
no I used to work on some icons before but I don't have anything to show
for that I'm afraid since I deleted it all a long time ago, I mostly
draw now but I doubt that would be of any interest to you (my work is
not quite bad)

Of course you aren't going to accept work from just anybody and I should
have seen this coming- should I try making an icon or two, submit them
here and see what you guys think? If you like them then I'm glad to be
of any help but if you don't I'll leave it to you guys


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