[ubuntu-art] community-themes package on jaunty

Andrew a.starr.b at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 00:48:54 GMT 2009

2009/3/20 Dylan McCall <dylanmccall at gmail.com>:
> For that matter, what happened to the community-themes package? Dust and
> New Wave have been moved to gnome-themes-ubuntu (yay!), but now
> community-themes can't be installed without removing gnome-themes-ubuntu
> (I assume because there's overlap between them). Is the community-themes
> idea being phased out, (I would be very sad) or is this just a temporary
> glitch?
> Bye,
> Dylan
> Quietly hoping Impression finds its way into the repositories :)

I too would like to know. The main problem from a packaging
perspective (which is where I'm coming from) is that
gnome-themes-ubuntu wasn't introduced until after feature freeze. This
far into the cycle it would be hard to completely redo the package and
get it accepted into the archive. Hopefully Ken can help out from the
Canonical side on this.

Was there ever a process set up for making these decisions?

Impression does seem to be a likely candidate to me.

Either way, I'd volunteer to take on the new community-themes from the
packaging side. But that would require some decisions to be made, that
I don't have the authority to make. Which themes to include and a
promise of a freeze exception....

> Also: did (or will) shiki-colors (and gnome-colors) find their way into the repos?

I made packages for them which I submitted to REVU, but feature freeze
came before they got a chance to be approved. I hope to submit them to
Debian sometime soon. That way they will get synced in for Karmic.

- Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
Ubuntu Contributing Developer

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