[ubuntu-art] community-themes package on jaunty

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 19 11:53:53 GMT 2009


Would anyone mind dropping the list of themes included in community-themes for Jaunty ? I'm still on Intrepid at the moment, but i'd like to take the time to make XFWM's for all of these themes within the next two weeks so that there is a chance for it to be shipped in Jaunty, for Xubuntu users.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me that list :)

Cordially, SD.

PS : Oliver, if you want artwork for Kubuntu, you should visit the kubuntu irc channel and see if someone there does artwork for it. There are a few persons in the Xubuntu community that actually do artwork, eventhough they don't seem to be on that list (and i don't seem to be on theirs :p). There probably are people making artwork for Kubuntu, and they probably need people to help them ;)

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