[ubuntu-art] Impression Alpha 5

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 03:59:18 GMT 2009

The Alpha 5 release of Impression is a milestone in the fact I am now
testing against Jaunty and not Intrepid. Murrine is up to svn143 and
other than the progress bar trough issue everything works well.

The alpha 5 changes are minor with my attention focused toward updating
the documentation and refining Metacity.

IMO Metacity is close. I updated the wiki pages with two designs. Both
designs use rings as the frame control.

I started with a solid default ring and then decided to add a dashed
ring. I am currently using the "dash" version and I must say it does
present well and there are not other similar themes I am aware of.


I added a new page which attempts to document the Gtkrc file. I plan to
polish this content as time permits. Please report any errors.



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