[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] signals

mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 23 19:36:47 BST 2009

Andrew wrote:
> I prefer your 16x16, it is a lot more interesting than the standard signal from an antennae and the
> 3d effect gives it an interesting perspective. Maybe try doing the 3d effect for the other sizes as
> well?

Actually the 16px is not very clear,at all... the lines merge...

Why i had not done the nm-signal for all the sizes is>
1: *it is used only in the panel* ,
*so creating it in all sizes is not needed* [the present hi-color icons
for nm-signal only has 1 size 22px icons set]
2: *when scalable icons are used it has a better appearance* when ANY
panel size is selected...
3: since there are so many circles , doing the icon at the smaller sizes
the lines get fussy and become unclear as seen in daniel's 16px submission.

Also i'v  not worked on them because I'm awaiting Cory's decision , Cory
has put them aside for later , i could edit [remove the antennae] and
complete the rest of the 30 icons required... to complete the
nm-animation and also 5 matching icons for notify-osd...


PS: @ Andrew Higginson , have you tried the breathe folder with perspective?

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