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mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 15 18:17:05 BST 2009

Cory K. wrote:
> Also the Emblems are needing some love. Make emblem-symbolic-link white
> (still use some black/gray gradient on it) and I'll upload it along with
> emblem-favorite (the 1st one), emblem-downloads (though I'm not thrilled
> with the globe) and emblem-synchronized.  emblem-important and
> emblem-unreadable have what looks to be more of a steeper bevel to them
> than the others. Correct that and I'll upload.

I'v edited the icons emblem-important,emblem-unreadable and added a
white version of the emblem-symbolic-link

 For the emblem-unreadable I'v removed the old version... both versions
in the wiki are new and very symmetrical,
 but personally *I like the first version* , the second version has the
edges pointing on the top and bottom which is very obvious in the larger

I'v added emblem-mail , dont be surprised if it looks similar to other
mail icons. :P

The rest of the emblems[4 remain] I'm out of ideas... :(

>>  --The base "mime" icon--
>  Danny King's concepts were nice but things like the torn edge detail got
> lost quickly. A simple flat rectangle seems a bit boring. What else can
> we come up with. Maybe someone can assemble some stuff from GNOME-Look
> and places to compare what has been done. (please make it 1 image to
> look at. not a archived set of images)

Found this,

this uses the 3D MIME icons... I have also attached the preview image.

But sad to say it was Win7 transformation pack...

Another interesting stuff i found:

Just to limit the links i havent added more, but the deviant art Mac
section has lot of fun stuff...  :)

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