[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] Cruft, stuff and other junk...

Cory K. coryisatm at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 15:48:38 BST 2009

So I'm going to apologize for this non-cohesive email ahead of time.
There's just alot of little junk to address. :P

I uploaded: appointment-soon (the 1st one) help-about
preferences-system-indexed preferences-desktop-screensaver video-display
stock_contact folder-remote (I'd like to create a new "connected" image.
that thing under the folder) and a system-search based on Oliver's
submission (though I think the turquoise color needs serious help).

Where has Oliver gone?

@mac_v: Emotes are going along well. You have a ETA on the finished set?
And note, while I like them I think at some point they will need a
little something. Something just doesn't fit quite right. But they are
85% there.

Also the Emblems are needing some love. Make emblem-symbolic-link white
(still use some black/gray gradient on it) and I'll upload it along with
emblem-favorite (the 1st one), emblem-downloads (though I'm not thrilled
with the globe) and emblem-synchronized.  emblem-important and
emblem-unreadable have what looks to be more of a steeper bevel to them
than the others. Correct that and I'll upload.

Maybe they need a look closer to the ones used on Daniels mail-* and
object-*  icons?
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet/Icons/Actions Yes. I
think that's it.

What's your thinking on the network-manager icons? Seems to have stalled
a bit.

@Sebastien: The 1st set of weather-* icons will be used. Just take into
account the use-cases of the smaller sizes with regard to detail level.
Any idea of when the final "new" glyphs and such will be done? I know
mac_v wants to use them in places. They also have to be used on a few of
Daniel's icons.

Can you get together a keyboard for use with "video-display" to use as a
new "computer"?

@Daniel: It looks that with "stock_mail-import" you have refined the
shadowing to be more in-line with the rest of the set. Please apply this
to the other mail-* icons and I will upload. Also, the updates to the
Nav buttons (changing the gradient to look like lighting is from above)
should apply to stock_mail-import as well as the glyphs on mail-*.

And sorry, I just can't like the "Transmission" icon. Just feels off. :(

--The "folder" icon--

I'm really waiting to see more submissions here. We *cannot* make a
switch now only to do this all over again in a couple of months. I'll
let it go for a few weeks and make a decision as to how to proceed.

In the meantime, Andrew, can you make the tab a *little* bigger (the on
on the upper left) and get together the home and open versions?

--The base "mime" icon--

Danny King's concepts were nice but things like the torn edge detail got
lost quickly. A simple flat rectangle seems a bit boring. What else can
we come up with. Maybe someone can assemble some stuff from GNOME-Look
and places to compare what has been done. (please make it 1 image to
look at. not a archived set of images)


mac_v has been working on these but I have a question. Where the emblems
use real objects such as, a lock, I feel they should be as
photo-realistic as the rest of the real icons in the set. Agreed?

--Media-* icons--

Can anyone finish out the set based on Olivers previous work?

--Use of Oxygen icons--

I know that a starting point for Breathe was using Oxygen icons but I
feel we're starting to assemble a good group of guys and as such would
like to try to not use them at all. *Totally* use them as inspiration,
but I feel Sebastien's original icons have been great and on some levels
the 2 sets just don't fit. Now I know Oxygen has multiple artists and
this could simple be a case where some artists fit and others don't
rather than the sets as a whole.

Ok. Wow. Lots of stuff there. I think most of these are little issues
but we can split if a subject becomes more important.

-Cory K.

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