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mac_v drkvi-a at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 12 22:01:10 BST 2009

spg76 wrote:
> he's right about the difficulty to put something in that
> perspective.
> As Yann said, I think we should consider something like the concepts in
> the wiki.
> -- 

i like the mime concepts too... especially with the torn off look...

regarding the perspective, *yes it is going to make things harder*

*But the look will definitely pay off* , take for example your folder
concept adds that little perspective  which makes it stand out from the
rest, i would say that andrew's folder with your amount of perspective
would look good.

 rather than being just another ubuntu default icon set which most users
change on install, this will stand out,
 everything else up-till now uses the same 2D views,
 But to be different and better Breathe could add the 3D perspective for
the folders and MIME types.

some would argue that doing things in 3D doesnt necessarily mean its ,
better... that maybe ... but 3D folders and mime icons will definitely
attain *a true visual refresh*, what breathe has proposed to achieve.

when the artists could do the globe at the different px, i think a
little perspective would be easy for u guys. :)


PS:I'v reduced the perspective and attached the new empty mime to this
mail, probably this slight amount of perspective for the icons in the
concept would be nice... :)

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