[ubuntu-art] Feedback on Proposed Default Wallpaper

Chris Tomalty legoaddict at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 22:36:13 GMT 2009

>> Are there any specific suggestions on how to make it better?  I'm
>> trying to integrate a stylized jackalope into it but success continues
>> to elude me.
>> -Chris
>Personally I agree with Kenneth, when he said that the default wallpaper
>may/(should(?)) be an abstract one. Abstraction gives the final desktop
>a professional quality, without distracting the user with mad eyecandy,
>that is to say that it does not force on to a user any particular
>artstyle/deco that the artist prefers. As such, it is also less divisive
>within the community, than one featuring a subject. Looking to some of
>the competition, Windows Vista .
>Having spilled all that, I think what I am disliking in your submission
>is all of the harsh angles and blocky colors. A good abstract wall
>should imo should be smooth and unjarring to the vision.I should be
>similar to a light array. It should be able to hold a users sight and
>complement his/her Icon theme.
>Saleel V.

Thanks for the feedback!  I've modified my wallpaper and my submission entry
now contains a Mark II with an included jackalope (I think I actually may
have made a decent one) and at the side instead of the centre.  Looking
back, you're totally right about Mark I, and I think I've addressed some of
those remarks in Mark II, which has a lot more poise to it and the addition
of sky blue so it's not so monochrome.  I'm using it with Dust right now and
it goes really nicely.  It also looks nice with the gnome-colors iconset
(which is, I believe, the proposed iconset?) and by all indications will
work with the Breate iconset when that's finished (looks amazing so far)

As far as it having to go with things (just in general) I think that it's
pretty much impossible to design for every eventuality because we have so
many options with GNOME.  What I'm looking for is something that will go
nicely when the user boots Ubuntu for the first time and sees
Human/DarkRoom/Dust and Gnome-Colors/Breathe with this wallpaper.  It's
inevitable it will be changed, but the wallpaper is all about branding,

Could you take a peek at Mark II over at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Jaunty/AlphaBackgrounds and see if
that fixes the flaws you saw? (there are a few rough edges which I've ironed
out and am soon to upload to my flickr account with all the wallpaper
variations (about 10) which is linked to on the art site).  If not, do you
suggest I try to add more nuance?  I'll admit it doesn't have much of that,
but I was going for something bold and energetic right out of the gate and I
see where some could desire a bit more nuance.

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