[ubuntu-art] Nine

Alex Armstrong alehandrof at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 19:42:15 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 21:49 -0500, Cory K. wrote:
> Alex Armstrong wrote:
> > I've been working on a GTK+ theme for a few months now. I just posted it
> > on the wiki and I'd like to let you know. (So you can tell me what you
> > think.)
> >
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Nine
> >   
> I gotta say, I like this. Maybe I'll grab some ideas for Studio. ;)
> -Cory K.

I'm glad you like it.

Despite my previous rant about shine, I actually think dark themes look
very good with it, so long as it's not overdone.


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