[ubuntu-art] Impression Metacity Updates

Thomas L.G thomlie at online.no
Mon Feb 23 06:25:49 GMT 2009

Cory K. skrev:
> Thomas L.G wrote:
>> You know, when it comes to window buttons, there really aren't many 
>> alternatives. They usually are either squared or rounded. Windows uses 
>> squared buttons, OSX uses rounded. Then what should we do? Either way 
>> out buttons are gonna resemble Windows or OSX' buttons.
> I'm sorry, but that's one so disappointing to read. If you can't think
> of anything other than a square or a bubble to use there, I don't know
> what to tell ya.
> There's many things we can do up there. Just gotta dream it. (and
> implement it) :P
> -Cory K.
Do you have an example? The "innovative" ones tend to be "button-less" 
buttons which in reality looks like a rectangle/square not trying to be 
one :P (cutting of edges)

- Thomas L.G

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