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Steve Dodier sidnioulz at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 14:31:17 GMT 2009


I've had an idea about the start here button, but as i'm completely uncapable of using Inkscape / The GIMP, i can't make svg files. I'm gonna try to explain my idea, thus. (at worse i can try to make it as PSD, since i used to know how to use photoshop, but i suppose some people here would then want to slap me :p).

I just love the top border of the Breathe folder, and i thought it would be a good idea to use a similar border on the external part of the 3 circles of the ubuntu logo. Also, a little white (with ~10-20% opacity) circle (with very blured borders) inside of the circles could give them a fancy look (the idea would be that they look like some kind of almost flat push buttons, with little borders). On the internal face of the circles, we could put a little 1px dark border, with ~70-80 % opacity.

This being done, i have absolutely no idea about what to do with the other shapes of the ubuntu logo. I think i'm gonna try to make what i did with photoshop so that i can show you what i have in mind, and see if it inspires anyone.

Cordially, SD.

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