[ubuntu-art] [Breathe] "media" buttons

Oliver Scholtz scholli_tz at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 21 20:24:04 GMT 2009

> Oliver Scholtz wrote:
> > I want make the media-buttons. Actually I am in weekend, but I let this
> > message for clearing this matter till Monday begins again ... ;)
> >
> > Cory K. you have a imagination about them yet? A scheme, a Sketch, ...?
> > I thought in three possible kinds of do them ...
> >
> > 1. The system-lock-screen-button with a very bright blue symbols.
> > 2. A power-button recoloured in orange and white symbols.
> > 3. A power-button with a white background and ... hmmmm, maybe metallic
> > or orange symbols.
> >
> > Let me clear the decision, please. I will start to do them only if
> > everybody is agree with the kind of aspect, they should have! ;)
> >   
> When talking about the "breathe" set, please put [Breathe] at the start
> of the subject. :)
> As the power icons are done for now it would be great to focus on
> something that is not yet done.
> How about trying your hand at a "start-here" image?

All right. Breathe in subject and start-here is a theme for you at
moment :)
I didn't talked about the power icons - I talked about the media icons
like "play", "stop", "pause", etc. ;)

They are in work or finished yet or is the plan to catch these from
oxygen? If you're wishing I can do them with one of the three proposed
kinds ;) Or a personal wish from you ...!?

If you wish better I do a "start-here" icon so tell me how you imagined
- A overwork of the Ubuntu-Logo?
- Something abstract?

Please, let me know :)

Sincerly Oliver Scholtz

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