[ubuntu-art] Murrina Chrystal Human

Aimen Snoussi bababoss at hotmail.de
Fri Feb 20 19:52:07 GMT 2009


I am new and it is the first time i write to you... i hope it works. First thing: Thanks for your good work on Ubuntu.
I am no artist and no coder, but i really want you to check out the desktop-picture i attached. 
it is this gtk-theme (you will find it in the package when you download it):


and this metacity-theme:


the gtk-theme uses the full potential of murrine and it is still
ubuntu-ish. please give the theme a chance and try it. you wont be
disappointed. you will see, that it gives ubuntu a very modern look and
could be one of the best ubuntu-themes.

thank you for your time.
UNO - Online gegen andere spielen! Spiel mit!
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