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Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Sat Dec 12 15:43:01 GMT 2009

On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 16:13 +0100, Muriel Marc wrote:

> I don't know how to start, please tell me how i can help.

Welcome, Muriel!

Please have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork if you haven't

The default artwork is up to the designers working at Canonical.

The community works on additional GTK themes, wallpapers, countdown
banners, icons and sometimes posters.
Regarding wallpapers: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ubuntu-artwork
Icon theme: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/BreatheIconSet

But perhaps the place where a graphic design professional might have the
largest impact would be:

Spreadubuntu is related to the marketing team, sadly operating without
any connection to the artwork team, but that's no reason to stop you
from showing them how posters and fliers should look like ;)

I would be interested in examples of your work, ideally an online

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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