[ubuntu-art] Desktop Backgrounds for Lucid

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 11 12:39:32 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Today is the first day of the rest of your Lucid :) If you haven't heard yet, 
we're looking for some amazing desktop backgrounds to offer our users. If you 
saw Ubuntu 9.04 (the karmic koala), you'll know that we included an extra set 
of lovely images created by the community.

We'd like to continue this effort and make Lucid even better. In order to 
consolidate our efforts we are going to change infrastructure and processes as 

From now on we will use the wiki for project related work and information 
only. As in the past, you can create a new page under Incoming/Lucid to 
describe your concept and work on it with others.

The notable change is that we no longer have a page with wallpaper 
submissions. Due to limits with the wiki, the learning barrier to actually use 
a wiki and the extra work involved with drawing new contributors to a new 
format we decided a change was needed.

Last cycle we used Flickr groups to allow for desktop background / wallpaper 
contributions and the results were amazing. Several thousand photos were 
submitted and I didn't have to explain how to do it once ;) We had lots of 
first-time contributors and Ubuntu newbies.

The process is simple: 
 * create an account or login (http://www.flickr.com)
 * join the ubuntu artwork group in Flickr 
 * upload your image(s) to flickr, making sure that you have a high-res version 
available and that the image is licensed by one of:
	* Attribution Creative Commons
	* Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons
 * send each image you would like to submit to the ubuntu artwork group

This does not mean that you need a pro account on flickr, just be sure that you 
have high resolution images available should yours be selected (in addition to 
making sure it is CC licensed in flickr).

Note that you still *can* have a project page on the wiki to work on a project 
or certain piece of artwork (a desktop background as well). We simply will not 
use the wiki for submissions to the collection.

Be sure to read the information and guidelines at  


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