[ubuntu-art] Karmic boot and login - 3rd iteration

Mat Tomaszewski mat.tomaszewski at canonical.com
Tue Aug 18 11:46:07 BST 2009


Thanks for all the feedback on our work so far. We were glad to see that 
the use of brown was welcomed with some scepticism, we aren't sure about 
it, too! :)

And even more, thanks for all the new contributions. Mr. doob—we love 
your work, please talk to us on the mailing list or on irc, wiki is not 
really a good place for discussions...

Talking about new contributions, in particular ones that were based on 
our work—great job guys, it's really encouraging to see so much response.
Few notes:
- the current designs are bound with various technical limitations, in 
particular the gdm codebase, which only allows for theme changes without 
much flexibility (e.g. no transparency). Therefore (this time) we can't 
really go "full on" with crazy, innovative UI concepts.
- we really want to maintain the impression of depth and spacious 
environment—something we felt was missing in mr.doob's work and some 
other contributions. Mr.doob (if you're reading this): please don't give 
up yet! :)

So, enough babbling, this is the 3rd iteration. Let us know what you think!




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