[ubuntu-art] Designing Ubuntu on a non-free software

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Fri Aug 14 19:35:45 BST 2009

On Fri, 2009-08-14 at 18:33 +0100, Mat Tomaszewski wrote:

> It is very true that we do use proprietary software (Flash and Photoshop 
> in particular) as well as free software (Inkscape rocks!) in our daily 
> work. This is largely due to the fact that most of us come from the 
> commercial design background and developed certain habits and workflows 
> – changing these requires time, and time is one of the things we really 
> miss :)

Long term goals do not change the fact you need to get stuff done right
now. Nice that you address these concerns.

Inkscape rocks indeed. Just misses swatches and gradient meshes, I
think. GIMP is fine for many things, but not a PS replacement for

But for all I know, there's nothing even close to Flash as
authoring/mockup/simulation tool. No way around it. A combined 2d
animation and GUI development environment would be a very valuable

> Our primary goal is to make Ubuntu better. But that also means 
> contributing to the whole array of software that comes with Ubuntu, 
> including design apps. What we need is a critical mass of goodness, 
> which will help people like us (!) switch! I'm personally interested in 
> contributing to apps like GIMP or Inkscape and I'd appreciate any help 
> with getting in touch with the right people :)

Regarding Inkscape: aren't Bryce Harrington and Ted Gould among your
colleagues? ;)

GIMP: the team works with the interaction architect Peter Sikking.
There's a product vision, ongoing changes and plans. This makes it hard
to get involved. It also means there's not much need to :)

Thorsten Wilms

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