[ubuntu-art] Karmic boot and login - proposed designs

Brian mirror_of_twilight at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 04:55:11 BST 2009

I don't really understand the purpose of the new GDM theme here. The
existing new GDM (the one in Karmic right now) is good and honest. It
provides us with a smooth connection between GDM and desktop, looks as
good as the desktop (which is good) and is optimal for accessibility.
It also supports system tray applets like the one provided by
gnome-power-manager. It proves that there is no reason whatsoever to
create some artificial interface that follows a completely different
style from the desktop the user is about to log in to.

Why drop that for a different GDM front-end that requires specific
maintenance and creates an unnecessary break from the desktop's theme?

I'd also like to recommend thoroughly against gradients unless
something truly magical has occurred where we get completely rich
colour palettes on all systems by default. I am picturing serious
banding in a lot of cases. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.


as far as I know, the official artwork for Karmic hasn't been dropped
yet, so how do you know it doesn't fit in with the desktop theme? ;) haha.

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