[ubuntu-art] Promotional material for parties

Gilles Coulais gilles.coulais at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 14:58:11 BST 2009

Hi All

I created some promotional material, that has been proposed to the
Ubuntu-fr LoCo Team, for the next Ubuntu Party in Paris. This material
can be used for posters, flyers, web banners or any support. The sources
(svg) will be released using the Free Art Licence

All the texts are in French, but can easily be translated from the SVG
sources. If needed, I can provide an English version of the sources as

I need in fact 2 things :
- Comments and remarks.
- Anyone who knows 2D animation. In fact, I wrote a short synopsis to
create a promotional movie, based on the images. I personally don't know
anything on animation. Anyone interested ?

2 versions are available : 
Positive version (for printing purposes ==> less ink):
Negative version (for any purpose):

Comments and ideas welcome

Gilles (aka Poupoul2)
Pour votre liberté et celle de vos données, choisissez les logiciels
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