[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu t-shirts printing

Stas SUSHKOV stas at nerd.ro
Sat Apr 25 17:56:32 BST 2009

I need some opinions and preferably an official answer (from a canonical

We got in touch with a local small company which agreed to offer for our
loco print and logistic services without any obligations and extra

The proposed t-shirt design is this one

My question is the following: "Can we use the ubuntu logo and name in
making such prints. Are we following the guidelines?"

I don't want any troubles after the services will be announced
officially in our community so I should better check everything before
we do anything wrong.

I mush note that the company has nothing to do with the loco, none of
our members is somehow related with tu.ro and they not ask for any extra
costs (maybe they will even put the price with 5-10% cheaper). The
project was intended to get the community to the next level, allowing us
to promote Ubuntu even wider.

>From us, the only thing is required is at least a photo and a link to
the above webpage, hosted on their servers. The link will be placed near
the link to the official shop.canonical.com. That's all.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Text "LINUX PENTRU OAMENI" in translation means "Linux for

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