[ubuntu-art] On the subject of koalas and wallpapers.

Saleel svelanka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 13:31:54 BST 2009

Thorsten Wilms wrote:
> I think you should avoid sleeping Koalas.
I was actually going for meditating koala. The designs were supposed be 
like the koala chi (lol dragonball). still looking back I agree it does 
not convey this properly.
> The photo vector combination has a tendency to be rather loud, as you
> have that contrast ... but if go this way, try to give the vector art
> some meaning, make it look like it is the koala's dream, or if it it the
> structure of another plane of existence. It shall not look like just
> something scribbled above the photo.
> You could make people happy with just a bit of that vector work, I bet.
Yes it does tend to be loud, but I personally feel that the jaunty 
wallpapers weren't loud enough. I am sure we can find  a way to tone it 
down a bit once I have something worked out on this dream-state idea. 
This dream-state idea is awesome, I will work on this more.

How much vector is too much? How will I know? I suppose it will have to 
be done on trial and error basis.

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