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Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Apr 2 13:11:35 BST 2009


Have a look at:
and then:

Do you agree that the Fedora people are like 10 miles ahead in style and
structure there?

First, the 2 level of links are confusing. Having always available top
level links could be good. but that isn't what happens currently.

The link block with "/Archives /BreatheIconSet ..." is ugly. Can our
wiki software do better?

The "NEXT ARTWORK MEETING" block is rather embarrassing.  I would like
to remove it and the linked page, if I may.

"Roadmap" sounds like there would be something specific. As long as
there's just the global release schedule, I think a link on the current
Incoming page would suffice. At the very least "Roadmap" should be
renamed to "Release Schedule".

I would like to merge the "Getting Involved" and perhaps also the FAQ
with the main page.

Then I would like to keep only a link to current Incoming, "Archives",
"BreatheIconSet", "Official Artwork", "Guidelines" ...

"ReportingPage" seems to be very much obsolete

"WarningTheme" and Powder can be moved to Specs (which should be written
out as "Specifications")?

"GutsyIconsReview" can be moved to Incoming/Gutsy or to Specs?? In the
later case, the "Gutsy" should be dropped.

Or both "GutsyIconsReview" and "NewHumanTesting" could go to a new
section called "Feedback".

I would collect stuff from "Documentation", "CommunityThemesGuidelines"
and "KyudoGuidelines" below "Guidelines". I'm _considering_ to use the
Kyūdō motive as opener there, but to otherwise dissolve the "brand".

In all of that, I wouldn't worry about breaking links in the mailing
list archive or blog posts, because I think clearness and a good base to
build on is more valuable than archive material few will ever look at.

After such restructuring, one might go through the Fedora wiki to copy
good bits we lack.

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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