[ubuntu-art] Early Breathe Submissions

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Mon Sep 29 13:47:53 BST 2008


We now have 3 items on the submissions page, all thanks to Sebastian


After talking with Cory, we decided that it's best if all submissions
there are also announced to the list, so they can be discussed in the
open. It's also a good idea to join us on IRC, #ubuntu-artwork.

I already provided feedback to the artist on the first user-trash and
the dictionary and don't want to repeat it here now.

Cory and I are quite happy about the user-trash2. It provides a good
impression of depth in the large size. This could perhaps be improved
for smaller size by making the inner wall darker.

The recycling logo is very nice on the large size, but perhaps the arrow
heads need to stand out a bit more for smaller sizes.

The shading on the main body gives a good impression of half-matt
plastic. The border on the top is less convincing. Maybe it's just the
lack of a shadow beneath it.

The base of the bin needs to be darker. The rounded edge above the base
would benefit from a smooth darker gradient.

I'm not sure about the color, as I think we should avoid making
everything orange, but we could get back it after other icons are in.
We will likely need a few iterations, anyway.

Cory was already willing to place it on the accepted icon page. With a
few tweaks as mentioned above, I will agree :)

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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