[ubuntu-art] Kyūdō: Audience and Message

Michael Stephenson mickstephenson at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 27 22:25:52 BST 2008

2008/9/27 Joshua Booth <mr.booth2145 at gmail.com>

> There are only seven movie editors I can find. Cinelerra may be
> professional, but it has nowhere near the potential that the easy interface
> of Windows Movie Maker had. The only thing that is Gnome-based and that
> seems to have a nice interface is Kino, and it *doesn't even have a
> timeline. *How are you supposed to make a movie without a timeline?
> The only other program that does have a timeline is Kdenlive, but it's for
> KDE and for some reason crashes whenever I use it. Plus there hasn't been an
> update since 2007, and the latest news is from June 26, 2008.
> The new version was scheduled for release in March. And the year is almost
> through. It's definitely time for a new movie editor, one that has all the
> functionality of Kdenlive and the usability of Kino.

FYI Kino is KDE based, not Gnome based. Have you tried Pitivi? It has a good
time line, a very intuitive interface.
It is lacking in features, but what it does do it does right. There is no
need for a *new* movie editor, because
when Pitivi gets there it will what most people want from a video editor.

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