[ubuntu-art] Breathe - The beginning.

Danny King dannyking at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 18:25:07 BST 2008

Short introduction: Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the list and
the IRC channel but I've become interested in contributing to Breathe.
Nice to meet you all...

> Perspective, lighting and whatnot. Best I can say is go with what's
> there for now.

I think it's pretty important to have a well defined style guide and
to do that we need to agree on a style, so let's discuss!

Look, feel & personality: The idea is to mix Human and Oxygen themes I
believe. Should it be hyper-realistic (as proposed in the IRC chan) or
does anyone propose anything different?

Perspective: Should we go for table view, top-down or a mixture (or
something else?) See this for an idea:

Lighting: where should the light come from? Directly above?

- Danny King of Gleaming Pixel Web Design.

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