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On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 7:08 AM, Vadim Peretokin <vperetokin at gmail.com>wrote:

> GUI's didn't exist in the 80's in this form, there's a reason why Gnome is
> the leading DE, there's a reason why Ubuntu is winning every distro usage
> poll, and there's a reason this art team is here.
> You seem to be completely clueless, so please read first before posting.
> Thank you.
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There is, it is called the availability of themes. So far, most Linux users
(yes, even Ubuntu ones) are computer literate enough to either find themes
on their own or ask on the forum where those themes can be found. I
guarentee you that if there were only ugly themes available (like E17 for a
while when it got rid of it's E16 compatibility layer), not nearly as many
people would use it. It can be as usable as you want, but that doesn't mean
that people will be able to use it without a good theme.

And I am not trying to troll, I am just really dissapointed in, from what I
understand, is the decission that Ubuntu will stay with it's default for
releases to come since the art team does community artwork and it seems that
Canonical in fact didn't hire designers to do the artwork. :(

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