[ubuntu-art] Kyūdō: Audience and Message

Adam gusztee at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 13:24:37 BST 2008

> So we need:
> -Vid editor 
> -Third party office support(PS, After Effects, AutoCad..)
> And a pretty interface, of course!

i agree we need a good video editor, like imovie, and openoffice is
great but they have so dumb mistakes (for example if you would use a lot
of shortcuts like alt+menushortcut+menuitemshortcut, in openoffice ater
u hit alt it opens the file menu so you have to hit escape and than
start hitting the other shortcuts, seems a stupid thing but if u use
office all day u need these shotcuts..)
or comparing impress to apples keynote.. different dimensions.

however i dont think the games are so important. people play on xbox not
on pc anymore.

> -- 
> José Luis Ricón <artirj at gmail.com>

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