[ubuntu-art] Kyūdō: Audience and Message

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Thu Sep 25 14:10:12 BST 2008


I will assume that the lack of replies to my last post means that
there's nothing to add or change there now ;)

On to the next point!

= Why Audience and Message? =

The presentation, like any act, conveys a message even if you don't care
about it. That would be to take a risk instead of an opportunity. If you
do care about the message, you have to think about the recipient. You
don't talk to a 12 year old girl the same as you do to a 61 year old

If you work on art without a documented audience, you are still very
likely to make a number of assumptions regarding your recipients. Such
hidden assumptions are detrimental to cooperation on artwork. 

The target audience for artwork doesn't need to be identical to the
entire audience for Ubuntu as such. The attempt to target everyone
implies an audience of just average people. No single person is average,
though. Especially geographically ;)

So here we need a strategy. I propose:

= Who do we want to attract next? =

Trendsetters who will lead others to follow. People who are visible in
their computer use. Those who have interesting capabilities to add to
our community. Those who have the glamour we would like for Ubuntu
itself. Young web-savvy professionals. 

Do you have an alternative proposal?
If not: What are the conclusions we have to draw here?
What further assumptions can we make about such an audience?
What kind of a world do they live in? What do they like and enjoy?
What is it that would get them hooked on Ubuntu?

Finally: What shall be our message?
What adjectives do we want to express?
What kind of a story should we try to tell?
You can also start to think about the means of doing so ;)

Thorsten Wilms

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