[ubuntu-art] GTK theme help

José Luis artirj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 20:13:05 BST 2008

Thanks for the advice! I'm now happy with my new dusty borderless theme.

About the new Firefox theme: the complimentary "It looks like Chrome" comentary and:
It's great, well integrated with the Dust theme. I really love the gradient.
Now the things to improve: The space under and between the tabs is grey. It would be cooler
 if it were alpha(transparent), but I don't know if that can be done with the FF theme engine.

        Re: borderless borders:
        They're staying at 1px for the reasons everyone's already pointed out. :) If
        you want to change them, just edit metacity-theme-1.xml and look at line 19.
        Btw, I'm working on a Dust Firefox theme. Any thoughts?
        Nicholas Kraak wrote:
        >> Looks almost better than the original mockup!
        >> Although the scroll bars are a bit "blocky" or squared or maybe big, but
        >> don't fit (for me) the overall appearance of the theme.
        >> Another point is the borderless version of the theme included in the
        >> tar.gz . The border is 1 px wide while the older version of Dust has no
        >> border at all( real borderless)
        >> Pic: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/177221/Pantallazo-1.png
        >> --
        >> Jos? Luis Ric?n <artirj at gmail.com>
        > IMO, no-pixel boarders are horrible because they are such a pain to resize
        > and almost kill the usability of the theme. One pixel boarders (at least)
        > are great.
        > Nicholas
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José Luis Ricón <artirj at gmail.com>

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