[ubuntu-art] What do we want to do for Jaunty?

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Wed Sep 17 11:28:05 BST 2008

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 1:29 PM, Cory K. <coryisatm at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Now that we've decided that we aren't out to change the default art,
> what do we want to do for the next cycle? :)
> I had the idea to create a package where we couple through a couple of
> walls, themes and GDM called "community-artwork. Sound fine for all?
> How many theme items do we put in it to start? 2 walls, 2 themes, 2
> GDMs? I'm looking for numbers to shoot for but obviously things can change.

I agree, three themes, but there's no reason to stop at 3 if we get
four great ones made.

Also, I'd like to think about a way of being able to switch between
them easily - that will change GDM, BG, Usplash, and some other App
splashes, if we get that far. A good theme has so many components it
is crazy to expect the user to 'turn them all on' but we shouldn't
expect them to have to reinstall a theme to change the theme, unless
we write a little UI that does that for them.

I propose a theme consitst of:
Usplash theme
GDM theme
Desktop BG
Icon theme (NOT expecting these to be designed form scratch, just use
a good HQ one that fits best if you want... edit key icons, perhaps)
GTK Theme

Opional but good:
Matching theme for QT apps.
Some nod to Wine integration by using linux colours or a WinXP theme
that is close to yours
Firefox Theme IF FF doesn't inherit your theme well (userstyles.css,
if I remember correctly)
Evolution theme (if evolution doesn't pick up the GTK icons
yet...didn't used to)
Splash screens for Gimp, OpenOffice, other major apps with splashes.

More than one BG

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