[ubuntu-art] Icon Library

Matthew McGowan matthew.joseph.mcgowan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 06:38:17 BST 2008

Ken Vermette wrote:
>  - if possible, an option to click on an icon and replace an 
> individual icon (or if it's a link, the linked image)

I have begun the process of adding the above requested feature.  I have 
uploaded my preliminary attempt to luanchpad, there is a tarball also:

to run:
python /path/to/icon-library.py

So by preliminary, i mean it!  If you want to test the icon-set editing 
stuff i recommend you do it to an icon theme that you don't care about.  
So maybe just copy an icon theme into ~/.icons to test with.

There's lots i still have to work through, like how to handle files with 
which the user does not have write priveleges and symlinks... etc.

I have a crude backup system, so if you do do something silly the icon 
should still be around.  Check your console it'll tell you where its 
saved any backups.


The main reason i put this out is that i am hoping to get some 
usability/work-flow feedback... e.g. ideally, how would you like to be 
able to mix and match icons within an icon set?

Here's what i've got so far in terms of icon-set editing work-flow:

1. Right-clicking on a row in the main icon view produces a popup menu, 
saying something like "Edit icon set...".  Selecting it displays the 
"Icon Set Editor."

2. You will see the entire list of icons in the icon-set, in size 
order.   You can select an icon in the series. upon doing so (if you 
have write privileges) the "Select replacement icon" button becomes active.

3. You can then browse for a replacement icon.

4. After selecting a replacement icon, you can then undo and redo your 
last change for the selected icon.

5. Clicking "Apply" _will_  save all changes made to the icon-set, and 
will close the editor.

So let me know how this work-flow could be improved.


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