[ubuntu-art] dust is good

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 00:02:25 BST 2008

2008/9/13 Kido Mariano <greasedbolt at gmail.com>:
>> >>  * I like the Borderless metacity theme the most, it looks lighter and
>> >> more elegant in my eyes. It is darn hard to resize the windows with
>> >> the borderless variant though. Perhaps adding a bottom border for
>> >> easier resizing? I think someone played with adding a subtle gradient
>> >> on the bottom border... Maybe it was New Wave, Anton?
>> > The bottom border is already large in the borderless theme; however, you
>> > still get diagonal resizing only at 1x3(?) corner pixels, which is still
>> > quite a pain in windows without handles.
>> I tried adding a more visible bottom border - 5 px with some
>> highlights. I think this works ok...
>> Updated metacity theme attached. I added two new draw_ops,
>> "draw_bottom_frame_inactive" and "draw_bottom_frame_normal" and
>> applied them to the window bottom of frame_style_normal_focused and
>> frame_style_normal_unfocused. That is all.
>> Screen shot: http://grillbar.org/tmp/dust-metacity-tweak-1.png
>> The extra highlight on the focused window also makes it easier to
>> distinguish... At least to my olde eyes :-)
> We've dropped the dark statusbars (it causes too many apps to look
> weird), so I just made it look more borderless, something like:
> http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/5070/screenshotfj3.png
> Bottom border has height of 4.
> I'll check what you've done anyway.

Ok. I see that you do indeed have bottom borders in the borderless
version... However me missing also illustartes that other people are
likely to do so too.

I think the dark bottom border like I did has more a visual clue that
you can use that area to resize the window. And it actually looks good

>> >>  * The scrollbars colors... They somehow confuse my 33% of the times I
>> >> use them. My mind tells me that the slider is in the most light part
>> >> of the scroll bar. This is especially in windows where the slider
>> >> length is bigger than the free space in the scroll bar
>> > A lot of people have complained about this. Maybe we can add drag
>> > handles instead?
>> Yeah, try a few things out. Drag handles might be enough visual clue...
>> And more issues while we are at it :-)
>>  * Progress bars are glossy and candy striped. This seems out of sync
>> with the rest of the theme.
>>  * Ditto for list view headers
> But I want my progress bars shiny! :( On a more serious note, we'll see
> if we change it. The glossy stuff were carry-overs from the Aurora
> version of the theme.

Ok, fair enough. It just looks a little odd to me. Nothing earth
shattering though... Maybe I am just bike shedding :-)

Just installed the theme. I had to comment out the 'style = MURRINE'
parts because it doesn't work with the latest murrine...

I'll give the new scrollbars a whirl and see if I can work with them.


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