[ubuntu-art] Icon Library

Matthew McGowan matthew.joseph.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 05:09:32 BST 2008

Ken Vermette wrote:
>  - an option to specify a maximum resolution to load to (so we could 
> see high-resolution icons as well)
>  - choose from other folders to read (instead of limiting to the 
> installed icons folder, let users open a folder on their desktop for 
> example)
>  - if possible, an option to click on an icon and replace an 
> individual icon (or if it's a link, the linked image)
> With those features, your program would probably become the de-facto 
> standard for building icon sets. It would in my book!
> -Ken Vermette

Ok, well these are some things i've been thinking about as well, so i 
will look into how i could get these to work.


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