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Matthew McGowan matthew.joseph.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 01:53:39 BST 2008


I hope this isn't a double post as i tried to send a mail to the list 
the other day but it didn't appear.

I have made a small application to view icon themes.  Hopefully it will 
come in useful given that there is much discussion atm about icon themes 
and the like.

Icon Library lets you:

1)  View complete icon sets
2)  Easily search icon sets
3)  Check which icons comply to the freedesktop.org Standard Icon Naming 
4)  Compare icons against different background colours, atm your 
treeview style.base default, white, grey, and dark grey.

To run Icon Library:
python /path/to/iconlibrary.py

No doubt the code ain't the prettiest, i am new to all things coding, 
python and gtk, gnome.
Let me know of any features you would like, or any bugs you find.

One thing i plan to add when i get the time is a notification of names 
in the Icon Naming Spec that have not been covered by an icon theme.

Download the file here:
(sorry its hosted at the Ubuntu forums so you'll need a ubuntu forum login)

I've attached a screenshot as well.

Matthew McGowan
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