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> Okay i think i understand. Do you see any problem with getting new themes
> included? Or perhaps a lack of effort creating new themes? There seem to be
> lots of mockups that everybody loves, but aren't being turned into themes.
> Why is this?I love ubuntu, but i think it needs a lot of work on the
> interface, 'look and feel' and speed (although that's unrelated). Do you
> think the current system is fine? Should it change or should something be
> done to make the system work better?

There is certainly *not* a lack of effort in creating new themes. I suggest
you check out Dust, Shiki-Ubuntu, Kin Tonic, New Wave and some of the other
great themes the community has created. Yes, there are a lot of mock-ups *
everyone* loves, Dust is one of them and its being developed (it also looks
brilliant, I might add). You seem fairly uninformed over the next few
statements, there are lots of community themes here, as I previously said.

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