[ubuntu-art] Creamy Classic Theme - Not Just a Mock-Up

Laren Dubkowski melaren at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 17:27:05 BST 2008

...I'm just wondering what you guys think of this theme.  I posted this
message several months ago and never got a response:

I stumbled upon this theme on Gnome-Look.  I really like the look of this
theme and I think it is similar to some of the mockups I've seen on this
mailing list.

Some things I like:

   - I haven't been a big fan of the implementation of brown in Ubuntu, but
   I think this theme pulls it off quite nicely with a subtle dark shade and a
   little transparency.
   - It's dark, but not too dark.
   - The titlebar is quite slim compared to most themes.  This is a huge
   plus for me...  I can't stand when title-bars are bloated (ie. XP's big blue
   bubbly mess).

Gnome-Look page associated with screenshot:

My desktop with this theme:

The window border is an Emerald theme that can be found for download here:

Anyways, I look forward to your feedback.

-Laren D.
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