[ubuntu-art] Human Synergy GTK Theme

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 19:44:54 GMT 2008


Thank you for your comments. 

My desire is to support Hardy & Intrepid and I hoped this theme would
display well on both. In some respects I found theming at this point in
time a bit of a work in progress as some things did not match the way I
expected. The most obvious is Open Office and its use of menus and
scrollbars. The result is theming requires a-lot of testing and in my
case filled with compromise. My goal is all default applications would
display as designed (e.g. no black letters on a dark background). 

To your question about "test run" the only difference between "test run"
and "true" install is where the theme is placed and what applications
will use it. On my system "Synaptic" will only use a theme place in the
"usr/share/theme" directory. In addition, it is easy to install/delete a
theme in your local ".theme" directory, a little harder from
"usr/share". ;) 

I created a script to ease with the "true" installation although I admit
a package is the best solution.

Finally, I was feeling a "little" guilty Intrepid will not ship with the
new user interface many expected. For those who want to do something
different, in addition to many other excellent choices, there is now
Human Synergy.


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