[ubuntu-art] Icon Library again... feedback plz.

Matthew McGowan matthew.joseph.mcgowan at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 03:59:08 BST 2008


A while back i let people know about the little app i was working on.

Well, I have added a few features people had asked for:

1) Manually select themes to open (Browse to index.theme file)

2) An Icon set editor has been added.  To open the editor right click on 
an icon set in the list view and select 'Icon set properties'.  It works 
well in most cases but it definitely needs testing.  Moreover, I would 
welcome some usability suggestions on what would be the most natural way 
to edit icon sets.

3) You can jump to the 'target' icon set in the list view when the 
selected icon set is a symlink

I plan on adding custom background colors when time allows.  As for now 
i welcome any feedback and further suggestions, and definitely contact 
me when you inevitably find some bugs.

You can download the tar.gz here:

I look forward to your comments.


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