[ubuntu-art] Art opinions

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Fri Nov 28 01:30:58 GMT 2008

Michael Stephenson wrote:
> I agree with SorinN. Cory, evidently you are a very upfront,
> confrontational guy, and that's good, but there comes to a point where
> you are just plain rude.

Rude is an opinion/perception. I, as well as many others have asked
*repeatedly* for people not to top-post. I'm not letting the this go.
Period. If people continue to ignore the *long-standing* rules, I'll say
something. In the end I wasn't a dick about it. If you look, I even said
"Please". ;)

> Which was fine when you were one voice among many on this list, but
> you became defacto community leader for this list, and the only member
> to openly support you on this list was me, and then Kenneth Wilmer in irc.

I'm not the leader of this team. I lead the art for Breathe and Ubuntu
Studio. Nothing more.

> In this particular case your best response would be:
> "Although this project uses this list to announce additions, please
> note this is not an official ubuntu project and is created by
> likeminded people for likeminded people, a subset of the ubuntu art
> community. Feel free to begin your own project with your own goals,
> their are probably many community members which watch this list, which
> feel the same way"

Sure. I didn't go that route. Others can monitor their language as much
as I. It's a 2-way street. If anyone has some perception that I'm some
respected leader around here, it's not on me. I don't want that
responsibility. I help where I can and let people know what's going on
with things.

> You seem to have forgotten the appointed role as community leader.

See above.

> You shouldn't make people frightended to speak, or frightened to reply
> for fear of not matching your fascistly applied posting rules.

Not my rules. They were here *long* before me.

> Top posting is annoying yes, but should you be so cold in your advice?

This is a perception. I said "Please" and was to the point.

> You should consider your role aswell as chastising people for not
> meeting theirs.

Again, see above.

In the end It's how I went and it is what it is.

-Cory K.

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