[ubuntu-art] Documenting Murrine for a Jaunty Theme

John Baer baerjj at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 18:03:23 GMT 2008

Reviewing many of the submissions on the topic of "theme engines" has left
me with the impression many feel Murrine is the desired theme engine but its
adoption is constrained by the lack of documentation.

If this assumption is true I'm up for helping as I have a theme I am
considering for Jaunty which could use Murrine as the primary theme engine.

My understanding is Cimi has checked out for awhile to devote more time to
his education (very important). If this is true is the engine being
maintained by others?

In many respects I am starting at ground zero so I would like to look
at Murrine based themes which do a good job of demonstrating it's features.

Someone posted a link to this list a few months ago of a Murrine only theme
which looked good but I have not located that post.  I have the "Dust" theme
to review and I can always go to "Gnome-look" or "Ubuntu-art" for others.

Once I become better informed on what as been done I will begin crafting my
theme and writing documentation on how I was able to achieve the desired
results with this engine. The theme and the documentation will be available
to all. :)

Is this a good idea, may I have some links to Murrine themes which show off
what the engine can do?

If this is not a good idea that is Ok as well.


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