[ubuntu-art] New Wave Icons

spg76 sebastianporta at gmail.com
Wed May 28 19:43:46 BST 2008

2008/5/28 fruchtschwert <fruchtschwert at freenet.de>:
> Hey,
> first of all, I want to compliment sebastian for the great brown
> navigation-icons. I think we should keep them like that ..

Thank you very much :)

> Some time ago, I uploaded new categories-icons with grey folders in the
> background. The problem is, that not all of them are displayed.
> For example, once after a restart, the office and games-icons appeared
> for me, but now they are gone again (don't know why). Maybe someone can
> tell me, which symlinks I have to create or how to rename the icons?
> Or maybe you could fix it, Sebastian ..

I'll look into it and I get back to you.

> @Sebastian: your new calculator icon, has the same offset-problem for
> me, like the one with the exclamation mark. My "corrected" one: see link
> below :-)

Oh, not again :P
I still have the problem with the help icon you fixed and I just look
the warning icon that you attached and it's worng for me too.
I don't know what could be. Maybe we have different versions of Inkscape?

> I have new proposals for the cd-burner-icon and the rhythmbox-icon, too,
> but I don't know where to copy them. Maybe, someone knows better than
> me .. ;-)

The Rhythmbox icon goes to the apps folder with the same name as the
application in lowercase.
I don't know exactly where goes CD Burner icon. You want to replace
the one on the places menu?
About the icons, I already upload the Rhythmbox icon, but for some
reason it's missing on the last revisions. I'll commit it on the next
About the CD Burner icon, I think the same way as Anton.

> I also would propose changing the colors for the logout-screen icons
> again, because I think the red of the logout-icon is too dominant. I
> would say orange for that, and blue for hibernation again.
> You can find my proposals here:
> http://fruchtsalat.uni.cc/res/new_icons.tar.gz
> Cheers
> Martin

> Now about the gnome-log-out icon: It really is too distracting and we
> should use different color and remove that gloss from the arrow as I
> proposed earlier (I know the icon is updated in the scalable folder but
> the new version is not visible in the exit screen).

I forgot to copy the PNG to their respective folders, I'll do it on
the next commit.

> The hibernate icon should be something else because right now the sleep
> icon has to have Zzz s. An idea for hibernate is something like stoptime
> or a kind of desktop bookmark even time freeze ...
> Anton

I like what shadowh511 is proposing for the hibernate icon. I'll try
to make it later and see how it looks.
Seba (AKA spg76)
New Wave Icon Set:

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