[ubuntu-art] New Wave : pixmap buttons

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon May 26 12:27:40 BST 2008

On Monday 26 May 2008 13:14:24 Mario Viviani wrote:
> In my opinion pixmap is not the answer. Every pixmap theme i tested on
> my machine was slower and less efficient than engine ones.
> So i think we're better focus on Clearlooks or Murrine. If murrine-svg
> is going to be released in late August i think we have to focus on
> Clearlooks.. I prefer Murrine but time of development and testing is the
> main problem...

Depending on exactly when it is released there is a good chance that the 
murrine svn stuff will not make it into intrepid :-( I wish it would be 
released sometime in July instead :-)


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