[ubuntu-art] UDS Report.

Giuseppe Pennisi giupenni78 at gmail.com
Wed May 21 23:23:46 BST 2008

nothlit ha scritto:
> I'm at UDS, and after speaking with kwwii, and _MMA_, I have written a
> few notes, as well as some personal thoughts. This is mostly for the
> planning process itself, but I am sending it to the list so everyone
> is clued in as well :).
> Things we discussed:
> Dark theme, and incompatibilities from programs with hard coded
> values. In terms of this, the current plan is to push a dark theme
> into Ibex ASAP so people can begin to file bugs against the
> applications in question.
> [...cut...] 

If my opinion is worth, I totally agree with your opinion.
About Dark-Theme, if choose this I think is better to make an
alternative clear theme (or not dark theme), because a dark theme may be
aggressive for some people.
Important is choose a way (and engine!!!... or hibryd engine?) and
follow it. Otherwise we can go back, Human-Theme is currently an anchor.

I hope that we can create a true theme of community coordinated by a
selected main team.

It can be great.

Giuseppe P.

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