[ubuntu-art] New Wave - Proposal

Nick Russell thatnickrussell at googlemail.com
Tue May 20 23:26:01 BST 2008

> However, the proposition for a New Wave mailing list is not bad at
> all 
> -- but in that case we should try keeping posting sometimes on this
> one 
> to show we are still alive, and to give interest to other people.

Yes, I think if possible we should have a separate list and keep ubuntu
art list postings to occasional status updates.

   The new icons looks great.
    I'm working on the icons that were missing in the Elementary theme.
    I already committed icons for File Roller, Alacarte, System User,
    Users and Groups, and I made a new one for F-Spot that I going to
    upload later.
    Do you think that I should continue making the missing icons?
    Or it's better to focus on some other stuff first?

Do people think there should be monochromatic status icons for every
major app which is installed by default and which puts itself in the
taskbar, even things which aren't system services (e.g. Pidgin, Tracker,
Rhythmbox etc)? I vote probably.

Keep up the good work.
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