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fruchtschwert fruchtschwert-ubuntu at yahoo.de
Sat May 17 14:44:20 BST 2008

François Degrave schrieb: 
> >
> > 
> > Also,
> > shouldn't we have a look at the palette for the icons? Maybe we should
> > try different hues for orange (more red or more yellow) and see which
> > one looks the most modern -- I'll try something like that today.
> > 
> For example, what do you think about those ones? It's a bit more red, and a bit darker.

personally I like the orange shades Seabstian is using ..
it's easy for the eye and it's modern, see here for example:


but I agree with you, that we shouldn't use orange everywhere ..

I think the icon used for the Terminal is a good example.
In my opinion it's not necessary to introduce orange for the two visible characters.
It lacks contrast and destroys readability. White or light grey would be just fine.

Also the icons for the shutdown-dialog need discussion.
Sebastian introduced a little bit more orange, than in the defaults and my first proposals.
Certainly it looks nice and creates a kind of "look-here-ubuntu-is-orange"-effect.
But I'm not able to decide (my school grades in arts were not the best ;-)), if the availability of red, green and blue would be better to emphasise the meanings of the different icons .. or at least if this emphasis is of more importance than "corporate identity".
Probably a professional artist or usability-guy would know this. What do you think ..

Maybe we could also take inspiration from the human-icons (concerning the use of orange).

You find a new icon attached. Took it from here:


and inserted ORANGE (i'm ashamed ;-))


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