[ubuntu-art] New Wave

François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Thu May 15 14:04:43 BST 2008

> Can you? It would be great! One more thing can you change the Nautilus
> icon with smth more appropriate? And could you use different tones of
> range (darker, lighter) or even combinations of dark and light grey so
> that the theme to look more vivid.

Have you seen the svg I made or home folder (with the gray home)? I 
attached it in a previous message. And here it is again.

>> В 22:25 +0200 на 14.05.2008 (ср), François Degrave написа:
>> I still do  not understand why the font is PINK  in the menubar, 
> My intent was it to be light orange (different color because this is not
> a standard menu, right?). Moreove it is in the back so its colors should
> not be so intensive. So I will change it if it seems so PINK.
Sorry for the PINK in uppercase, I didn't mean to look upset :-) 
But it is right it looks a bit too pink :-P . And IMO adding another 
color than gray/black render things visually less simple and clean.
>> and I still prefer the selected menu in (nearly) white with a black
>> font (mostly because, that way, the selected item looks like the
>> continuation of the menu itself -- there are even ways to improve this
>> effect, I'll post a mockup soon to see if it's technically possible
>> with the new Murrine engine). See the png image attached for a quick
>> comparison.
> Here is why I don't make it so bright. (If we make the text darker it
> will be darker in unselected menus too so we don't have much of a
> choice):
> http://img168.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=45704_NewWave_test_11_122_867lo.jpg
That's a pity, because it looks much more clean when we have less 
colors, and I particularly like the feel that the menu button and the 
menu itself are in a single piece. Do you think it won't be possible to 
have that font color change when the menu is selected in Firefox? Can 
the use of Murrine change anything? Or is it possible to change that in 
Firefox configuration?

Good work anyway, this theme is on his way and it's the best one I've 
seen until now.


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