[ubuntu-art] New Wave

François Degrave fdegrave at gmail.com
Wed May 14 10:30:38 BST 2008

> My feeling is that the most common icons to appear in the taskbar (aside
> from those you've made) are Tracker, Pidgin, Evolution Calendar alert,
> Rhythmbox, Remote Desktop, Transmission, Package Manager and Bluetooth. I
> realise some of these are applications, but I think it will ruin the unity
> of the theme if some taskbar icons are monochrome and others not.
I'm not sure it is mandatory to have monochromic icons for applications. I
think we can just have them for "information icons", such as sound level,
network status, battery level, available updates, alerts, maybe bluetooth...
If we make icons just for 'some' applications, it will really look bad if
the user adds "unexpected" ones in the notification area.

About orange: I totally agree with you, and that was my intention to choose
an orange icon theme, and have some orange controls.

There is still muuuuch work to go, but I think we go a good direction.


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